OHM Electric

24hr Electrical Fault Diagnosis

electrical fault finding

Got problems with your power? Then look no further! We can respond to your emergency fast and effectively.

With no call out fee charged, just our normal hourly rate, we offer a cost effective solution to your emergency and guarantee results.

As we are based in Chesham, we can respond to emergency call outs in Amersham, Chalfont, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Berkhamsted, Tring, Beaconsfield, Seer Green and Jordans within 20 mins and have your problem sorted in no time.

Some common problems causing power failure

Ingress of water across termainals in outside lighting, junction boxes or sockets causing tripping.

Nails being hammered into walls and striking through cables.

Loose connections in socket termainals.

Badly made connections i.e old junction boxes where connections have become loose.

Faulty appliances.

Mice or Rats chewing through cables in voids.

DIY electrics gone wrong.

If you've got an electrical problem or emergency then call us on 01494 217402.

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