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LED Lighting Installations in Chesham & Amersham

LED Security Lighting

Ohm-Elec home LED Lighting upgrade service

If you are thinking of making some home improvements, why not upgrade your lighting too.

LED lights are now a great energy-efficient alternative to incandescent, halogen and even compact fluorescent lamps, giving you the same lighting output at only around 7 - 10 Watts per light.

Think of the long-term saving you will make on your energy bills!

LED Downlights

If you are thinking of fitting spot lights we recommend fitting Aurora M10 Fire Rated Downlights.

These fittings are robust, easy to install, acoustically rated and have a fitted insulation cover cap allowing the downlights to be covered with insulation material if necessary.

The LED lamps are suitable for dimming, come in cool or warm white and have 30,000 hour lifespan. Perfect for a new kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Call Us to discuss your lighting requirements.

LED Security Lighting

If you are in need of Security Lighting we have the perfect energy efficient solution for you;
We have been fitting LED flood lights for some time now and they prove to be a better alternative to the short life Halogen lamps.

With much lower energy consumption and zero maintenance necessary LED floodlighting is the way to go.

Why not give us a call and we can advise you on the best lighting to suit your requirements.

LED Lighting Customer Feedback

Ed Silvester - High Wycombe (LED Security Lighting)

"Lawrence spent a lot of time planning the job and advising us the best way of going about it. His attitude and approach stood out form the other tradesmen who came and quoted for the work. He used top quality components and fitted them expertly. He positioned the sensor light so it wouldn't get triggered from passers by and ensured it was set up correctly. We're so pleased we took his advice on LED lighting. We will be using him again in the future."

LED Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I get the same light coverage as I do with halogen bulbs?

A. Yes, there are varying types of LED lamps available with different beam widths and outputs. Depending on the area you are lighting we can tailor the lighting layout and lamp type to suit your requirements.

Q. LED lights look quite clinical, is there a warmer type available?

A. Yes, you can now purchase LED lamps that give off a warmer, more yellow light similar to halogen. If you go for a color temperature of around 2700K it should be pretty similar.

Q. How soon will I recoup the cost?

A. With energy costs rising the financial benefits of LED lighting are becoming more apparent. You can roughly expect to recoup your costs within two years of installation and to continue saving money thereafter, so it's definitely worthwhile.